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American Hero Quilts

That is the home page of the group with which I am working to create quilts for wounded American soldiers. Unfortunately, not all of the soldiers survive their injuries. Many are young fathers. I have begun making a few quilts for the children of those soldiers. I can never make enough. If you'd like to help with blocks, tops, fabric, or complete quilts, you can contact me through this link.

Completed 12-2-06
Strips of fabric left from making Project Linus tops for Littlefoot in Chama, NM

Completed 12-2-06
Squares of the same leftovers, plus 3 Moon Over the Mountain blocks and some Loony Tunes fabric from Gabriele in AZ.

Completed 12-23-06
Hearts made by Moira, birdhouses left over from a swap from Gabriele in AZ

Completed 2-07-07
The heart blocks were donated by Fran in CA.

Completed 2-09-07
The penguin was donated by Gabriele in AZ, and I completed the top with the checkboard design.
Yellow fabric donated by Robin in ID.

Completed 4-6-07, The Rabbitface Quilt
Center block donated by Gabriele in AZ.
Other fabrics are left over Quilt Pinks.

Completed 5-1-07
Hand-appliqued center donated by Weze in AL.

Completed 5-03-07
Hand appliqued center donated by Weze in AL.

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