Florals I Snapped for Linda and Weze

Celestial Garden
Oroville Piecemakers Quilt Guild

Detail 1

Even closer

California Amish II:
Fields of Poppies
Valerie S. Chapda, Pleasant Hill, CA

Applique Detail

Quilting Detail

Different quilt, more detail

Blue Daises
Lyn Banks, Billings, MT
Sorry I couldn't get the whole quilt.
There were a lot of people in the way!

Mary Arnold, Vancouver, WA

Multiple Quilt Makers
I think it's from Connecticut

The Round Robin Flies Alone
Cindy Krug, Bakersfield, CA

Sorry, I can't read any of the tag that's with the quilt.

Nor on this beautiful red and green.

Floral Dreams
Betty Schutt, San Jose, CA

Bird, Berries and Butterflies
Vilma Stahl, Fremont, CA

Vallejo Piecemakers, Vallejo, CA

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