2011 Soldier Quilts

American Hero Quilts

That is the home page of the group with which I have been working for more than six years to create quilts for wounded American soldiers.

Machine Quilters are desperately need to quilt the tops the project receives. Many hundreds of quilts are given away each year, and there is always a need for more machine quilters. They are in need of battings and backings to complete the quilt tops people are sending. Red, White and Blue fabrics, and variations on those colors, are also needed. Click on the link above for more information, and how you can help with donations for postage, as well.

For a look at some Children-of-Soldier quilts, look here

Top Number 104
Center from Weze in AL, I made the rest, mostly in early 2010, before Paul died.

Completed 1-24-2011

Top Number 105
Hearts and 9-patches donated from a variety of sources
Completed 1-14-2011

Top Number 106
Most center blocks donated by Nancy in WI
Border from Beepie blocks
Completed 2-7-2011

Top Number 107
too large to photograph in my apartment!
A collage of donations, some from Nancy in WI, some from other Quilt Chicks yahoo group members. These ladies have supported American Heroes Quilts in every way possible over the years, and I appreciate them!
Completed March 14, 2011

Top Number 108
This one was so much fun!
All Beepie blocks, done as leader-ender blocks
Completed 4-7-2011

Top Number 109
Another favorite project. Nancy in WI sent a box with many of the stars, some star parts, and the light and blue fabrics. I completed part blocks, added blocks, and put in some applique blocks from Weze in AL, plus that red border.
Completed 5-5-2011

Top Number 110
More donated blocks!
Completed 4-15-2011

Top Number 111
I won the lotto blocks, and decided to put them together this way, with the black, and scrappy batik border.
Completed 8-2-2011

Completed 10-24-2011
Made from lots of 2.5" squares cut from scraps. Sewn as leader-enders on other projects.

Completed 12-31-2011
Made from more donated blocks.

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