2006 Soldier Quilts

American Hero Quilts

That is the home page of the group with which I am working to create quilts for wounded American soldiers. They are in need of battings and backings to complete the quilt tops people are sending.Red, White and Blue fabrics, and variations on those colors, are also needed. Click on the link above for more information, and how you can help.

Sixteenth top
Completed 2-11-06

Close-up of Block for sixteenth top

Fifteenth top completed, 2-04-06

Close-up of Block for fifteenth top

Fourteenth top completed, 1-25-06

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Four tops made using blocks contributed by Moira McSpadden

Baker's Dozen, completed 1-10-06

Twelfth top completed, 1-10-06

Close up of center

Eleventh top completed, 1-9-06

Tenth top completed, 1-9-06

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