2007 Soldier Quilts

American Hero Quilts

That is the home page of the group with which I have been working for three years to create quilts for wounded American soldiers.
They are in need of battings and backings to complete the quilt tops people are sending.
Red, White and Blue fabrics, and variations on those colors, are also needed.
Click on the link above for more information, and how you can help.

For a look at some Children-of-Soldier quilts, a new endeavor, look here

Top Number 45, Sampler
Bow Tie blocks donated by Moira, now in TX
Completed 2-2007

Top Number 46
Blocks donated by Moira in TX
Completed 2-2007

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Top Number 47
Hearts by Moira
9-patch variation by me, done as leader-ender blocks
Completed 2-2007

Top Number 48
Large 4-patches by Moira
Small 4-patches by me
Completed 2-2007

Top Number 49
Moira'a 4 patches.
Completed 2-2007

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Top Number 50
Neighborhood quilt-This is a group effort.
The center house was donated by Weze in Alabama
The smaller houses were donated by Gail in Wyoming.
The 4-patches were Moira's.
Completed 3-2007

Top Number 51
Moira made the little 4-patches at the top,
and the Bow Tie blocks.
Completed 3-2007

Most of the blocks were made by Moira, with some I filled in.
Completed 3-2007

Top Number 53
Starry Night
Yet another group effort. Many blocks by Moira
One block by me, but donated by Nancy in PA, with another block from a swap we did.
Completed 4-2007.

Top Number 54
Betty Boop II
This was made from some great Betty Boop fabric I bought at Sew N Sew in Deming, NM. I did it by the April Quilt for an Hour project from Judy Laquidera.
Completed 4-2007

Top Number 55
Another top made using the same Quilt for an Hour project directions, but using center blocks donated by Fran in Alaska. These were from a 2003 siggy swap on our QOR yahoo group.
Completed 4-2007.

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