Cutting those Pesky Tips from 1/2 Square Triangles (HST)

I've been cutting a lot of HSTs lately: Anvil blocks; Ohio Star blocks; Friendship Star blocks. Just a lot. I use the Triangles on a Roll, Thangles, and the Triangulations 2.0 CD printouts, depending on the job. Recently, I realized that the TOR doesn't have a line printed for cutting the triangles from the corner. Of course, I could iron the square open and then trim them, but that seems like so much more work. Here are some pictures showing how I laid them out. I did find that cutting them freehand was not as satisfactory as using the ruler. But, then, I'm picky.

Line up the bottom edge of the 45 degree angle with a line on your mat.
Be sure the tip of your seam stitching is at the vertical line on the mat.

Or line up the perpendicular edge as if it's the top.
Notice that the 45 degree angle goes in different directions

Line up the edge of your ruler with the line on the mat. Cut.

You can accomplish the same task without lines on the mat. Simply be sure the lines on the ruler line up with the edge of your HST. Cut away the triangle. Notice the shape of that cut-away? Yes, another HST! A little too small for my sewing needs, though.

Press your HSTs open with the paper still on them. This helps to prevent stretching.
Then grasp the paper in one hand and the fabric in the other and snap the paper off.

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