More of Lemmon, SD

Looking down a typical street.

Wildflowers that grow all over Lemmon.

Lutheran Church. Bells ring hourly.

The store to buy dented and crushed stuff that's out of date.
But then, mustard is nasty no matter what the date.

So, no place is perfect.

Typical house, more or less.

Convention Center.

High School, grades 7-12.

The KoKoMo, obligatory bar.

Thrift Store, open afternoons.
Howdy's restaurant, opened and closed in one summer.

Benny's is the local steak house.
That plowed up dirt is now covered by a new community center.

Grain elevator, main income source.

One of three banks, not the one with the ATM.

Railroad Crossing, Look Out for the Rs.

Wheeler Manufacturing, the other main income.
They make beautiful jewelry.

Palace Theater runs current movies, believe it or not!
Pirates was just here.

Day Care center.
There's a nursing home, too, but I didn't snap that pic.

Hair and massages available here.

Hair, nails, tanning beds and Beanie Babies available at Lacey's.

The Chief of Police lives half a block from us.

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