Auditioning Borders

As I was trying to figure out, in my very limited space, which borders to use on one of the quilts I was finishing, I remembered something that happened last month in Pharr, TX. I took pictures at the quilt show there, and, when I put them up, I discovered all kinds of things I hadn't noticed when the quilts were right in front of me. Added to that was the fact that when I'd taken pictures of the Hidden Pinwheels I was doing for American Hero Quilts, I realized that I saw the color concentrations much better. It occurred to me that perhaps photographs of the borders on the quilt would be the best way for me to tell what looked good, and what didn't.

We have a soft covered panel across the slide out in the living room and kitchen of our 5th wheel. I've gotten into the habit of pinning things up there, just like it's my design board (even though Paul has put a piece of foam core by the door for me). I began pinning fabrics next to the quilt to see what borders looked best. Here's what I saw:

Final Choice

Of course, I didn't look at them online. I looked at them on the large viewing screen on the back of my digicam. Sometimes it doesn't take this many options. I just keep taking pictures until I find two I like. Then I ask Paul for his opinion, and usually he agrees with me about the best one.

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